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Hurst Bros Ltd review of freshmetrics


Ian Hurst is the owner of Hurst Bros Ltd, an established produce wholesaler and transport company in Liverpool Market. He has found that the combination of Sage and freshmetrics has given him ‘the best of both worlds’ for his trading operation and for the ‘back office’ accounts.

He also finds the flexibility and costs savings of optionally purchasing his own hardware a real benefit, as freshmetrics will happily run on ‘commodity’ hardware.

Ian has used the emailing features of freshmetrics to good effect; emailing the weekly invoices has saved time and money on printing and posting, and his customers find the automatically emailed copy of their ticket ‘at point of sale’ extremely useful.


George Perry Ltd review of freshmetrics


Mark Tate is chairman of George Perry Ltd, which has been trading for over 150 years. He has been using freshmetrics for about 4 years. With over 100 pallets of produce a night to process, controlling stock and prices used to be a major headache.

With the old manual tickets, a salesman could sell a consignment of produce that had already been sold to another customer before it had been moved off the pitch by the porters. Implementing the freshmetrics system with handheld sales terminals, has given Mark and his salesmen a live stock figure for all consignments, so that ‘oversell’ now cannot happen. Combined with cost and average selling prices on the handheld, Mark and his salesmen now have all the information they need ‘on tap’.

The system has been well received by the staff, with benefits such as vastly reduced booking-in time for stock, down from an hour to about 15 minutes.


Amin & Sons Ltd review of freshmetrics


Naim Alvi, the MD of Amin Sons & Co Ltd, has been trading in Birmingham Wholesale Market since the late 1970s, and has been using freshmetrics for about 18 months. The manual system he had been using caused him concerns with both credit control and stock control.

Implementing the freshmetrics system, with handheld sales terminals, has given Naim and his salesmen lots of information at point of sale. They now have cost and selling prices to hand, and can also see the state of a customer’s account, which has massively improved credit control. Naim now has all the analysis he needs to monitor performance of the wide range of product that he handles. All of these improvements have come with a reduced number of staff and reduced hours for Naim !


Hegashall Ltd. review of freshmetrics


Mick Hegarty and Pete Marshall have been trading as Hegashall Ltd in Birmingham Wholesale Market for the last 21 years. Up until the introduction of the freshmetrics system, they were running an ‘old school’ manual paper based system for sales and stock accounting.

Their working day has been transformed, and the hours spent struggling through paperwork have disappeared. This time saving, and the control that freshmetrics has given them, has allowed expansion of the business from one unit, to now occupying three units. Both Mick and Pete, as complete computer novices, were surprised at how easily they made the move to freshmetrics, and how quickly they have settled into the new technology.

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