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Fiori review of freshmetrics


Gavin Smith-Williams is the owner of Fiori (Liverpool) Ltd, a flower, plant and sundries Cash and Carry warehouse in Liverpool. He has been using freshmetrics for about 4 years. Consignments of flowers arriving from Holland come already barcoded, and these are uplifted automatically into stock. Stock is priced and available to sell through the checkouts with a minimum of effort, a process which Gavin finds very effective.

As well as serving customers through the tills at the warehouse, Gavin will also take telephone orders and make van deliveries. To open a new channel for sales, Gavin is starting to sell through the freshmetrics webshop. The webshop is totally integrated to the freshmetrics trading system, linking to the same live stock and pricing that the system in the warehouse uses. Gavin’s customer are finding the up-to-date view of his stock and pricing a real benefit.


Birmingham Flowers and Plants review of freshmetrics


Jeff Large, the owner of Birmingham Flowers and Plants Ltd, has been using the freshmetrics system for over 4 years. Initially starting out by using the handheld terminals and manually booking in stock, Jeff has worked with freshmetrics to build on this foundation.

Jeff now buys the majority of his stock directly from the Dutch auctions, and uses the integration within freshmetrics to automatically bring product into stock, already barcoded, priced and ready to sell. Purchases for plants, sundries and flowers from local growers are barcoded by Jeff ‘on site’. This totally barcoded solution allows the salesman to sell a wide variety of product, with Jeff in control of pricing and stock.


Midland Flower Co. Ltd. review of freshmetrics


Paul Smith is the MD of Midland Flower Co. who have been trading out of Birmingham Wholesale Market for over 25 years. They originally installed the freshmetrics system in 2011, and have been very pleased with the results so far.

As a result, Paul has upgraded to the latest freshmetrics handheld solution for sales. The new device has a much improved ‘look and feel’ and is even easier and quicker to use. It is a far more compact device, while at the same time keeping all the vital information from the original device. Combined with the barcode scanning, Paul and his sales team have everything they need ‘to hand’ to help them make accurate and profitable sales.

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